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by Mark Buford on February 18, 2010

in Sunnyvale

NAR helps Sunnyvale Real Estate Homeowners increase their home values

Okay, the site is for all home owners, though I am only concerned with what helps the Sunnyvale real Estate Market. NAR, the National Association of Realtors, lauched a new site called HouseLogic, which guides homeowners to the best practices of protecting and maintaining their homes with the intention of increasing the value of their homes.

All in one

This site is free and includes how-to’s, home improvement advise, home projects, and even info on taxes and insurance.
There ‘doesn’t’ go the neighborhood

The worst thing to happen to a community is to let homes fall into dis-repair. At some tipping point, enough homes are not maintained and the whole neighborhood suffers with regards to their home values. This site is a great ‘one stop “free” shop’ to get great tips on how to maintain your home and keep up the neighborhood. Tell your neighbors about HouseLogic!

And if you don’t own and dream of having a neighborhood to keep up, click here to search for Sunnyvale real estate or ANYWHERE in the bay area, for active homes on the market.

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