Sunnyvale Real Estate Foreclosure Snapshot

by Mark Buford on February 5, 2010

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Sunnyvale Real Estate Foreclosure Snapshot

Wondering how many homes for sale in Sunnyvale are bank owned (foreclosed) or in short sell? Wonder no more. Currently, the active listing for Sunnyvale real estate breaks down as follows.

On Feb 4, 2010

Active Single Family Homes Listings: 75

Short Sells: 10

Bank Owned: 5

(AKA: REO or Foreclosed)

How do foreclosures in Sunnyvale break down

As with every region, the homes that of comparable lower value within that region have the highest number of foreclosed homes. The Sunnyvale real estate market is no exception as seen by this map.

Sunnyvale Foreclosures Dec 2009From

What does this mean?

It means that if you want to buy in a premium market such as the Sunnyvale real estate market, buy when the prices are depressed. These foreclosures have depressed the market for sure. The question is, as always, has the market hit bottom?

Active Homes For Sale in the Sunnyvale Real Estate Market

Be sure to visit my site and view all homes for sale in the south bay area. There is a button to click for foreclosures. Select the criteria you are interested in and emails wwill be sent when homes come on the market when they match that criteria. Best of all, I won’t hassle yo9u. Just give me a call when the time is right for you to work with a real estate agent.

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