Sunnyvale Real Estate Earns Bronze!!!!

by Mark Buford on February 25, 2010

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Sunnyvale Real Estate is # 3 in the country for rising home prices

Forbes Magazine listed Sunnyvale Real Estate as the city with the 3rd fastest rise in home prices in the nation. With a median price of $800,604 there has been a 32% price jump from last year. This is a phenomenal number in these down times and give you comfort is you own a home in the Sunnyvale real estate market or interested in buying one.

Sunnyvale Real Estate Inventory is down, which means….

Along with the huge rise in the average home sales price, the inventory for Sunnyvale Real Estate is down 9% from last year. If you haven’t heard it before (& I know you have), supply and demand dictate prices. The less supply, the more demand. So in this case, less inventory (supply), there is more demand for the homes for sale in Sunnyvale and the home owner can raise the selling price for the home.

The Window is OPEN!!!!

What does this mean? If you are living in Sunnyvale and you are thinking of selling, DO IT NOW. The Nation’s economy and housing market is still dour and looking that way for who knows how long. This may be a spike and if so, then take advantage of this spike before a dip happens again.

How to take advantage of this opportunity for Sunnyvale Real Estate

Call me! 408 806-2914 or email me If you want to buy a home, it also makes sense to buy in a area of high demand as homes for sale in Sunnyvale will hold their value relative to the area and the Nation. To find a home, give me a call or click here to Search for Sunnyvale Real Estate homes for sale.

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