Listing on The Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Website

by Mark Buford March 14, 2011 How we Market Your Home For Sale

Why The MLS Website?

There is NOTHING more important than posting your home on the Multiple Listing Service (MLS) Website. You want more than anything else for your home to be readily accessible to all the real estate agents in the area. This is the NUMBER 1 most essential marketing activity that a real estate agent …

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The Statistics of Pricing a Home – Part 1

by Mark Buford March 14, 2011 How to Price Your Home

How easy can it be?

If you have a home almost identical to yours that sold recently, that’s may be just enough information to price your home. That assumes all other things are equal, such as the sales trends in the area you live in. If you don’t have this perfect situation, then the following is …

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Are you a boomer looking to downsize?

by Mark Buford March 22, 2010 Santa Clara County

Old and In the Way (the house, not you)

If the kids have left, or you are just getting tired of being where you are, and you are thinking of moving, don’t think you need to leave the Sunnyvale real estate market. Here are some tips from a Forbes magazine article that you should consider.

Don’t think …

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Is the bay rising with all the people ‘underwater’

by Mark Buford March 18, 2010 Cities & County

Who are drowning?

per an article in the online version of the San Francisco Examiner, there are an astounding number of people ‘underwater’. What does ‘underwater’ mean? It mean the home owner owes more on their loan then the home is worth. In Santa Clara County alone, 21% of all home owners who have loans, own …

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An Argument to Buy

by Mark Buford March 11, 2010 Foreclosure

Only the Facts

A story came out the is relevant to Sunnyvale Real Estate that originated from the CNN website (Actually CNN money) where they site the following factors as reasons that it may be the right time to buy.

- Affordable home prices

- Low interest rates

- The Federal Tax Credit

- Real estate punditsĀ  believe that most …

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Why People Are Selling

by Mark Buford March 8, 2010 Foreclosure

Damaged Merchandise

Data compiled by the California Association Of Realtors (CAR) shows that 80% of the people interviewed who sold a home in California in 2009 did so because of financial difficulties (Fig 1). To try to understand how this translates locally, Sellers of Sunnyvale Real Estate had % REO or short sell as the reason …

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More on the Tax Credit for people interested in Sunnyvale Real Estate

by Mark Buford March 4, 2010 Sellers

Speculating with data

In my last posting, I commented on an article about waiting out the tax credit. As an update, it appears that for most of the country home sales have been flat, if you take out the effects of the tax credit. This is the assessment from an article in the wall street journal.

What …

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Is it ‘sit on the sidelines’ time for Sunnyvale Real Estate?

by Mark Buford February 16, 2010 Sellers

Just like stocks, a double dip for Sunnyvale Real Estate?

The SJ Mercury notes homes for sale in Sunnyvale & SCC are dropping per The article states the latest data shows home sales prices are dropping in Santa Clara County after months of being on an uptrend. What does this mean if you are thinking …

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Some short sale info for Sunnyvale Real Estate

by Mark Buford February 11, 2010 Short Sell


Because Sunnyvale real estate is one of the best places to live in the world (unbiased opinion), many people thought is was wise to purchase income properties in the area. Unfortunately, the bubble burst and there are a number of people who owe more than they can sell their …

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Sunnyvale Real Estate Foreclosure Snapshot

by Mark Buford February 5, 2010 Foreclosure

Sunnyvale Real Estate Foreclosure Snapshot

Wondering how many homes for sale in Sunnyvale are bank owned (foreclosed) or in short sell? Wonder no more. Currently, the active listing for Sunnyvale real estate breaks down as follows.

On Feb 4, 2010

Active Single Family Homes Listings: 75

Short Sells: 10

Bank Owned: 5

(AKA: REO or Foreclosed)

How do foreclosures in Sunnyvale break …

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