Mark did a fantastic job getting my home ready for sale on my limited budget

by Mark Buford on May 13, 2011

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My family home was no longer being occupied and it was a bit dated. I needed to do a lot of work to bring spruce it up so it would sell competitively and had a pretty good idea of how to get this accomplished.  Even with that vision in my mind, Mark was invaluable to inform me what I should just leave alone, what trends were in fashion today, hiring labor at a good rate, and finally he tastefully staged my home with existing furniture when I ran out of money and hiring a person to stage the home was out of the question.

I was very pleased with the result and we sold the home in a timely manner in a tough market at a tidy profit. I was so pleased with Mark that I urge, no insist, you hire Mark to sell you home so you will be as happy with the result as I was.

Tom Mahany

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