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The Home Buying Process

by Mark Buford April 27, 2011 Latest News

<h2><span style=”text-decoration: underline;”>A GUIDE FOR EVERY BUYER</span></h2>
This ‘landing page’ is set up as a jump off point for every every buyer, from brand new to expert.

It is set up to be user friendly and intuitive as possible so you know where you have been, where you are, & where you are going to assure you …

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As I See It

by Mark Buford April 26, 2011 Latest News

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Under Construction

by Mark Buford March 15, 2011 Latest News

The Deal of the month is going to be awesome and the first will be featured within the month.

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Santa Clara County Monthly Sales Trend

by Mark Buford March 14, 2011 Home Prices and Trends

Here is the monthly sales trend for single family homes in Santa Clara County as of Feb 2011

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by Mark Buford March 12, 2011 Latest News

I believe we all desire to better ourselves and our situation during our lives, and an important factor to realize this is where we live. Focusing on the constant evolution of improving living conditions (comfort, cost and the environment), I find these features in every home see.

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