There is Still a TAX CREDIT out there, but for how long?

by Mark Buford June 3, 2010 Financing/Mortgage

What is the California Tax Credit &how does it relate to Sunnyvale Real Estate?

The California tax credit that began on May 1st, the day after the Federal tax credit ended, is there for 1st time home buyers, but for how long.

The stipulations for the 2010 California Tax credit taken for the Californian Franchise tax board …

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Who Knows? Group Think Knows!

by Mark Buford April 8, 2010 Financing/Mortgage

Sunnyvale real estate has reason for hope

Fannie Mae has good news with a new survey, The Fannie Mae National Housing Survey, conducted between December 2009 and January 2010. Explaining this survey is an article concerning those interested in Sunnyvale Real Estate. How many people would prefer to own vs. rent, 65%! In the senate, 60 …

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The Feds are looking to lower the debt using the small guy

by Mark Buford March 31, 2010 Financing/Mortgage

FHA Hurting Sunnyvale Real Estate by Raising Upfront Premium Insurance

On April 5th, the FHA fees are going up dramatically to 2.25% from 1.75%.  That is a .5% increase or a 28% rise. This was known in day of past as “PMI”. Buyers are weary of any unnecessary spending and may be hesitant to buy …

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To Use or Not To Use (Tax Credit that is)

by Mark Buford March 2, 2010 Financing/Mortgage

Are You Smarter NOT to use the Tax Credit?

With the first time home buyer Federal tax credit set to expire April 30, 2010 (Offer has to be accepted by then), it seems obvious to rush out an make an offer. Not so fast. The Wall Street Journal is givng an alternative to contempleate. In that …

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