How Much Is My Home Worth?

The Fundamental 4

There are 4 factors that determine the price of a home

  1. Location                       Click here for details
  2. The mood of the  market in that location                       Click here for details
  3. The condition of your home compared to like time homes                     Click here for details
  4. The variable costs in selling your home (i.e. the commission)                      Click here for details

Details on these 4 factors can be found by clicking on the ‘click here for details to the right of each factor.

Where to get a general home value idea…

You can visit a site like Zillow in which you can get an approximate idea of what your home is worth based off of what the surrounding homes in your community have sold for, though it can be off by a lot and the condition of the home is not a factor..

Get Started Below!

Fill in the following information and you will bet back the most accurate value without knowing the particular condition of your home. A followup visit would pinpoint the exact value though don’t feel obligated of you just want to get a confident value of your home if it was considered an average home