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by Mark Buford on April 8, 2010

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Sunnyvale real estate has reason for hope

Fannie Mae has good news with a new survey, The Fannie Mae National Housing Survey, conducted between December 2009 and January 2010. Explaining this survey is an article concerning those interested in Sunnyvale Real Estate. How many people would prefer to own vs. rent, 65%! In the senate, 60 votes is the magic number. In the real world, 50% is magic. This number is awesome.

Why people should look at Sunnyvale Real Estate as the place to move to

The top 2 reasons people sited wanting to own are

Safety (43%)

Good Schools (33%)

Sunnyvale real estate is the jackpot for both of these desires along with relative affordability in the area.

Other reason why there is hope for the Sunnyvale Real Estate Market

The survey also noted that people STILL find real estate a safe investment (70%), safer than in a bank account (74%) and safer than playing the stock market (83%). This is great new whether you are interested in buying or selling.

So what is happening in the Sunnyvale Real Estate Market?

To get a feel of what is active in the Sunnyvale Real Estate Market or Santa Clara County Clara County in general click Search the Sunnyvale Real Estate Market and Beyond

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