The Feds are looking to lower the debt using the small guy

by Mark Buford on March 31, 2010

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FHA Hurting Sunnyvale Real Estate by Raising Upfront Premium Insurance

On April 5th, the FHA fees are going up dramatically to 2.25% from 1.75%.  That is a .5% increase or a 28% rise. This was known in day of past as “PMI”. Buyers are weary of any unnecessary spending and may be hesitant to buy with this new money grab.

An Example of $$$ lost

For a $250,000 loan, the current cost is $4,375.  That number will increase to $5,625 in just 2 weeks, per a SF Examiner article.

Does it make sense to buy or sell Sunnyvale Real Estate now?

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Upcoming: California 2010-2011 credit

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