Santa Clara County

Are you a boomer looking to downsize?

by Mark Buford March 22, 2010 Santa Clara County

Old and In the Way (the house, not you)

If the kids have left, or you are just getting tired of being where you are, and you are thinking of moving, don’t think you need to leave the Sunnyvale real estate market. Here are some tips from a Forbes magazine article that you should consider.

Don’t think …

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Is the bay rising with all the people ‘underwater’

by Mark Buford March 18, 2010 Cities & County

Who are drowning?

per an article in the online version of the San Francisco Examiner, there are an astounding number of people ‘underwater’. What does ‘underwater’ mean? It mean the home owner owes more on their loan then the home is worth. In Santa Clara County alone, 21% of all home owners who have loans, own …

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