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This ‘landing page’ is set up as a jump off point for every every buyer, from brand new to expert.

It is set up to be user friendly and intuitive as possible so you know where you have been, where you are, & where you are going to assure you of a pleasurable and confident journey.THE PATHWAY TO DEVELOP THE EVOLVED BUY


-> The Home Buying Process


What is the whole buying process and timeline?
What do I need to know and do 1st?
What are the qualifications to buying a home?
How do I know what the different cities and areas are like?
What do I look for in a home?
How do I know how much a particular home is worth?
How do I know which way the market is trending?
What are the costs to buy a home?
What are the costs to maintain a home?
How long do people tend to stay in a home?
What do I look for in hiring a real estate agent?

Testimonials to Come

by Mark Buford March 16, 2011 Buyers

I have testimonials. I am just doing the 1000′s of things to make this an unbelievably interesting and valuable site to people interested in real estate

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