Are you a boomer looking to downsize?

by Mark Buford on March 22, 2010

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Old and In the Way (the house, not you)

If the kids have left, or you are just getting tired of being where you are, and you are thinking of moving, don’t think you need to leave the Sunnyvale real estate market. Here are some tips from a Forbes magazine article that you should consider.

Don’t think you need to move far. If you currently own Sunnyvale real estate, you can move close by. It doesn’t cost as much to move and you are still near everything you know. Also, look at how you will be affected by taxes by moving to a different city or state

Make sure the home is situated for future comfort. That is code for no stairs and easy maintenance.

Look for energy saving features (solar, tankless water heater). These items can save you $100′s, if not $1000′s per year.

Though we tend to brake our family bonds, you should weigh the possibility of moving in with another family member.

Make sure the property offers adequate safety

If you are thinking of moving right away, then do it right away and take advantage of the $6500 tax credit (for people who have lived in their home for the past 3 of 5 years.). An offer must be accepted by April 30.

Need Help?

Just get a hold of me 409 806-2914 ( and I’ll be happy to go into detail about any of these topics. Or if you would like to look for a home, start by doing a internet search that will automatically email you with homes that if the criteria you set up when they go on the market. Just click Search for Sunnyvale real estate all homes in Santa Clara County & beyond

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