An Argument to Buy

by Mark Buford on March 11, 2010

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Only the Facts

A story came out the is relevant to Sunnyvale Real Estate that originated from the CNN website (Actually CNN money) where they site the following factors as reasons that it may be the right time to buy.

- Affordable home prices

- Low interest rates

- The Federal Tax Credit

- Real estate punditsĀ  believe that most housing markets have stabilized.

So is Sable, Stable for Sunnyvale Real Estate?

Here is the kazillion dollar question. The article also states that there are areas that have not hit bottom. Also, there is info showing a huge amount of foreclosed homes that the banks have been holding back that are still not on the market (if I find it again, I’ll post an article about it). And there’s always that looming threat of a double dip recession.

As far as stability, I believe Sunnyvale Real Estate has hit bottom and on a stable growth trajectory. The graph below that I put together using data from, is where I am basing this thinking.

Sunnyvale sfh EOC sales

Graph 1: All single family homes in Sunnyvale sold in the month they Closed Escrow (2009 – 2010)

As far as foreclosed homes flooding the market in the future and if there is another recession to come, how would I know.

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