How I Operate My Business

Quality – Value – Convenience

I am a full service real estate agent.

  • I have worked for great real estate firms and learned all the aspects of how to guide buyers (such as asking the right questions to find out what they want and need in a home, or getting them pre-qualified from the onset so they know the price range to look in) and sellers (such as putting together a list of what needs to be done to prepare to sell for the best possible price within a particular budget)
  • Being a native of this area, along with a technical and analytical background have proven very useful in the ability to accurately price homes. That means how much to ask when buying and home much to list when selling
  • There are a lot of issues that come up in a transaction. Many ‘show stoppers’ that I make every effort to resolve so you are not even aware they occurred and make the process as smooth as possible. Make no mistake, every transaction is a roller coaster of emotions, I minimize the lows and emphasize the highs when it is prudent to do so.
  • I provide quality marketing materials, flyers, virtual tours, wide web presence, open houses to expose the home being sold in the brightest and most positive light
  • I am extremely flexible with commissions. If it is a quick smooth transaction, i will take less

I work full time with full service for you to produce outstanding results at a fabulous rate. You get more than what you pay for. I have no need for greed.

With all Sincerity,

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